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    Dive into advanced Excel techniques that transform everyday tasks into seamless operations. Equip your team with tools that not only simplify but also revolutionize the way they work.

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    Our top-tier digital courses are more than just a purchase; they're an investment in your team's future. By boosting productivity and enhancing skill sets, you're setting the stage for unparalleled growth and success.

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    Elevate your team's confidence and marketability with a deep understanding of Excel. As they master the nuances of this powerful tool, they become invaluable assets, ready to tackle challenges and drive innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

"Proficient" in Excel

You know Excel well enough, but now you’re being asked to stretch your limits at work or elsewhere. We meet you where you are and give you the tips & tricks to save hours.

The early learner

To you, cells are for prisons and formulas are for chemists — but you want or need to learn Excel. That’s OK! We start from zero to get you up to speed fast. You’ll be running circles around spreadsheets in no time.

How long will the course take?

The course includes about 2 hours of videos and 6 practice workbooks, but the best part is, you can start and stop the course whenever you’d like. Whether you prefer to binge watch the course, or watch a lesson on your lunch break, you are free to take the course whenever you would like!

Will I have lifetime access to the course?

Yes! All students will have lifetime access to all the lessons and all the materials included in the course. The best part about this is you can reference back to any of the lessons at any time, so if you run into an Excel problem and don’t remember the solution, just watch the lesson again!

Is this for Mac or PC?

This course was created on a PC and uses PC shortcuts. It is most useful for PC users. If you’re on a Mac and would like to purchase a Mac-specific course, let us know! We’ll put you on the waitlist and you’ll be among the first to be notified when it launches.

Is there a certificate for this course?

Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion whenever you finish the course.

Does this course come with Excel?

This course requires you to have Excel. However, we do not include Excel with purchase.