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Excel Shortcut Dictionary

Excel Shortcut Dictionary

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Looking to fly through tasks without having to touch your mouse? Shop the Excel Shortcut Dictionary + Guide now for 330+ shortcuts, all just a CTRL F away. The Shortcut Dictionary comes with a complete Shortcut Guide that you can use to find the shortcut you are looking for quickly.

The Shortcut Guide is 4 pages containing 339 Excel shortcuts broken into 16 different sections. If you are unsure what a shortcut on the guide does, you can look it up in the Shortcut Dictionary.

The Shortcut Dictionary is a 46-page dictionary containing definitions of each shortcut on the guide in the same order. The Shortcut Dictionary includes a table of contents, section descriptions, notes/glossary, shortcut descriptions, Excel dialog box definitions, and more!

*Both files were created using Office 365 and are downloadable PDFs so that you can quickly find the shortcut you are looking for using the CTRL F search feature.

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